Private Pastry Lesson at The One and Only Palmilla

My daughter is a baker. A lot of kids love baking but my daughter is serious. Every other day when we are at home she whips up some yummy treat from scratch. So, on our recent trip to The One and Only Palmilla we asked the hotel if it might be possible for her and her friend to have a baking lesson. Being the incredible service oriented hotel that the One and Only Palmilla is, not only did they say “absolutely” but they provided her with the most fantastic, over the top experience that made not just her vacation but her year!

When we arrived, Pastry Chef Steve Lindsey met us at the pool to discuss what the girls would like to bake and understand how much they knew about baking. After a brief chat, they decided to meet the next afternoon to make a variety of desserts and also learn different baking techniques.  At the end of a glorious sun-kissed day at the pool, my daughter was thrilled to find a white chef hat waiting in the room for her.

The following day the girls (wearing their chef hats of course!) met Chef Steve outside of the kitchen of Aqua by Larbi. Chef Steve gave the girls a tour of the kitchen while they were in the process of making lunch for guests at the pool. The tour ended in the bakery room. Oh, the smell was heaven. One person was in the room making chocolate for the sweet treat left on guests’ pillows at night. He said he makes about 1000 chocolates a day. There definitely was some sampling going on throughout the lesson! After a brief discussion of the different parts of the room, we were kicked out so the baking could beginning.

Making Empanadas
Apple Pie Crust

2 hours later the girls emerged with a special sampler treat for us and big smiles on their faces. They wouldn’t tell us what they made because they informed us that they would be serving us dessert at dinner that night. We knew we were in for a real treat when we tried the sample they brought out to the pool- ladyfingers with tiramisu filling that they had made from scratch! Yummy!

After a delicious Mexican meal at Aqua by Larbi that evening, the girls went back into the kitchen with several of the staff and came out with dessert. They produced 5 items which they introduced one at a time and explained the baking process of each. Dessert included apple empanadas, apple pie, tiramisu, and Mexican wedding cookies (all made from scratch). I can’t pick a favorite because each one was mouth-watering. It was hard to believe that two young girls had made them! The girls were so excited that they shared a few things with the neighboring tables.

The One and Only Palmilla staff, Chef Steve, and his team provided the most memorable experience for both the girls and us. There is no hotel in the world that caters to guests in the ultimate fashion like the One and Only Palmilla. They strive to make any visit beyond fantastic and they never disappoint. Thank you for providing us with this memorable moment and for taking the time to make two young guests very happy!

Chef Steve Lindsey and the Pastry Crew